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Fee Information

Changes to fees from 23rd July, 2022.

Innaloo Medical Centre offers Bulk billed consultations during WEEKDAYS for current Medicare card holders. Some Procedures may incur a Fee - you will be advised by reception staff at the time of booking.

Weekend appointments will be privately billed. Please contact our reception team for further information.

Botox Injections are available. Pricing as follows. Please call the reception to book an appointment.

Area of concerns Treatment goals Price ($)
Frown lines Softening frown lines $250 - $300
Forehead lines Softening forehead lines $200
Crow's feet Softening the crow's feet (smile lines around eyes) $250
Large Jaw Facial slimming by reducing the bulk of masseter muscle (teeth grinding) $300 - $400 each side
Nose wrinkle Softening of wrinkle around the nose $150
Gummy smiles Softening of gummy smiles $150
Perioral lines Softening of smoker lines $200
Downward smiles To lift up the mouth conner $200
Dimple chin Softening of hyperactive chin muscle $200
Excessive sweating underarm To reduce the excessive sweating $250 - $500 each side
Excessive sweating palm To reduce the excessive sweating $250 - $500 each side
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